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VSD is a firm dedicated to create beautiful homes. We are experienced in combining the client's taste with our extensive knowledge of architecture and interior design to create an elegant and welcoming home that respects their personality and culture. We work within the client's budget.

VSD handles the extensive details required to successfully realize the chosen look. This includes research, ordering, deliveries, purchases and payments, trade coordination, installations, cleaning, and everything it takes to satisfy our clients.

This comprehensive approach has given our clients an enjoyable and easy experience in making their new home inviting.

Turnkey Projects

VSD provides turnkey solutions for your projects. For those clients who find it difficult to visit their projects due to geographical placements and time constraints, Turnkey is the best option.

We provide mark-to-key solutions…..


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Sudhakar N, MBA

Business Administrator, Architectural and Civil Consultant

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Srinivas Rao N

Civil Engineering Contractor


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